The Illuminati Degree System of Bavaria
The rituals of the Bavarian Illuminati had a rationalist and non-occult nature as most people nowadays think. Being a Freemason was not a requirement to be initiated into the Order. Yet the fourth, fifth, and sixth degrees of Weishaupt and the Baron Adolphe Von Knigge system practically doubled the three degrees of symbolic Freemasonry.

Munick Convention, March 21, 1782
Knigge's organizational plan, presented on January 20, 1782, approved a new Masonic system on the three symbolic degrees. This establishes a line of "Superiors." The Minerval Degree Assemblies are led by members of the "Illuminatus Minor". The Lodges are led by the members of the "Scottish Knight". The Illuminati broke ties with the Royal York Lodge (March 25, 1782). The rupture with the Royal York, made them stay 121 Lodges under his care. This was decisive for composing this new Masonic system and taking the three symbolic degrees. This is the final system:

I. Minerval Class

1 Novicius (Initiate);
2. Minervalis (Minerval);
3. Minervalis Illuminatus (Illuminatus Minor).

II. Freemasonry Class
NOTE: The degrees of this Class differ from current Regular Freemasonry.

Symbolic Freemasonry:

4. Entered Apprentice;
5. Fellowcraft;
6. Master Mason;

Scottish Freemasonry:
7. Illuminatus Major / Scottish Novice;
8. Illuminatus Dirigens / Scottish Knight.

III. Class of the Mysteries

1. Lesser Mysteries
A) 9. Priest
B) 10. Regens or Princeps (Prince).

2. Great Mysteries

A) 11. Doceten (Docetist);
B) 12. Sage or Philosophus 

Illuminati Order International Degrees